yuta vegan eco handmade sandals - Βιώσιμη Μόδα

The love of two friends for fashion and shoes, but also their desire to improve the quality of life for humans and the natural environment, led them to look for a viable alternative solution in a small town in Arcadia, Leonidion.

Leonidion is today considered one of the largest climbing areas in Greece and Europe and an ideal alternative destination.

Yuta in the Cebuano language, spoken by about 20,000,000 people in the Philippine Islands, means “land“.

From this began the idea of ​​”Yuta Shoes” designed with a green mission: to take the first step towards change. A change with respect for the environment and human. So a collection of Vegan and Eco Friendly shoes was born. A relationship between fashion and ecological sustainability. A collection that cares about animals and the planet.

Are you ready to contribute to change? Choose Yuta Shoes and wear nature!

The constant search for alternative ways of production in a sustainable, ecological and humanitarian way has led Yuta Shoes to design and manufacture handmade shoes with vegan and eco-friendly materials.


love animals


We do not use any animal products during the shoe manufacturing process and no animals were damaged

go green


We support the Greek economy and Greek manufacturers and create a unique combination of quality and aesthetics

go greek


We think green and help strengthen the ecological consciousness for the quality of the environment



We use recycled and recyclable materials to reduce raw material consumption and energy use

eco vegan handmade shoes
If you are looking for stylish and comfortable shoes that combine aesthetics with ethics, Yuta Shoes are your choice.

Our vision

We create shoes that completely cover the production processes, with ecological awareness, denying the raw materials of animal origin (leathers and furs) and respecting the people who work, the working conditions, the environment, the abuse of animals and the copyright.

That’s why Yuta shoes produces handmade shoes with cutting, assembly and sewing by supporting young Greek craftsmen who follow the rules of safety and protection of workers and using materials without animal origin and environmentally friendly.

All shoes, in addition to being strictly vegan and ecological, can be defined as “non-repetitive”, as they are handmade and this makes them unique.

χειροποίητα παπούτσια
About us

We tried to combine style with the search for innovative materials, to combine the Greek technique in sandals with comfort and to create shoes with breathable materials, ecological and comfortable to walk.

In our effort to protect the environment with an ecological conscience, packaging closes the cycle of our green mission. We use packages made with eco- friendly materials, sustainable and recyclable, to minimize the increase in waste. We do not use plastic bags or plastic packaging.

This way of producing fashion harmonizes beauty, quality, craftsmanship and ethics, emphasizing that creating a fashion item can be in line with protecting the world in which we live.

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