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Ethnical and Sustainable fashion

When one thinks about fashion, words like glamour, style, trend, etc. immediately strike the mind rather than words like sustainable, eco-friendly or ethical.

Ethical and sustainable fashion is an approach towards sourcing, manufacturing and designing clothes which maximizes the benefits to the industry and society at large, at the same time minimizes the impacts on the environment. Ethical means something that is morally right and acceptable. Therefore, ethical and sustainable fashion does not start from manufacturing clothes. It starts from the cotton fields and ends in consumer’s wardrobe. 

Sustainability and business

Today, sustainability is a way of doing business rather than just a concept.  Now many companies have embraced the concept of sustainability and have implemented it in the business. Nowadays, fashion exhibitions, Ethical fashion forum and blogs all focus on the concept of sustainable fashion. Going green is also about business and profits. It is important that brands which practice ethical and sustainable fashion must stay true to their commitment.

There should be transparency in sourcing, manufacturing, designing and other processes, so that the consumers can know whether the brands are delivering what they have promised.

Sustainability is not limited to environment but the entire fashion business, from production to the retail stores.

When the fashion industry ensures fair wages, no forced or child labor, workers get their basic human rights, health and safety measures are followed in the workplace, biodiversity, organic cultivation, clothes are manufactured in eco-friendly ways, etc. all these steps will make the fashion industry ethical and sustainable in true sense.

Benefit of ethical and sustainable fashion.

Firstly, it is good for the planet. Opting for organic and sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo or hemp, one can reduce the amount of carbon and chemicals discarded in the environment which is certainly a good practice.

Secondly, it supports the workers. One can be sure that the clothing purchased has been produced under proper working condition and the worker has earned fair wages.

Moreover, it also benefits animals. By making sure that one’s closet is not stocked with leather or fur products means stopping cruelty towards animals.

Buying organic and renewable fibers are the best way to support sustainability. In addition, buying durable green clothing that one can wear for many years would be another step to reduce waste coming from throwing away old unnecessary clothing.

Ethical and sustainable fashion will eventually become a norm to be practiced by everyone in the fashion industry.

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